Legionella Risk Assessments


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Legionella Risk Assessments

Legionnaires’ disease is caused by the bacterium legionella pneumophilia which is widely distributed in the environment (occasionally the disease is caused by other species of the legionella group). The bacterium can cause a pneumonia-like infection in people that is fatal in around 12% of all reported cases but can be significantly higher among at-risk groups. AndWhere it is not fatal, many of the victims suffer varying degrees of disablement.

The bacterium first hit the headlines in 1976 following an outbreak at the American Legion Convention in Philadelphia where 182 people suffered an acute respiratory disease, 29 of whom died. Subsequent investigations identified the legionella bacterium which was, at that time, new to science.

We pride ourselves on our quality and expertise in providing a fully bespoke Legionella Risk Assessment and control program for your site, as a poor Legionella risk assessment can be worse than no risk assessment, leaving you vulnerable to prosecution.